Why Scandinavia ?

What is on your mind about Scandinavia? Are there stereotypes about a cold and inaccessible climate, endless, deserted areas and distant and withdrawn residents?

Let us take you on a fascinating journey through the north of Europe and show you the world behind this door; there are amazing adventures and unforgettable experiences waiting for you! Scandinavia offers much more than what you might expect. It is not only about its fascinating architecture, beautiful cities, style and rich culture. It is also about a lifestyle in accordance with the rhythm of nature, it is the knowledge about how to relax, as well as a respect for mankind and its rights, beautiful customs and traditions, and an unusual honesty and straightforwardness. There is so much to learn, so much of what we are missing in other parts of the world! With Across The Baltic you will get to know not only easily accessible areas of southern Scandinavia, but you'll go on a magical journey into the heart of Lapland.